Family Corner

Welcome to the State Support Team Region 2 Family Corner

Dear Families,
Thank you for being a concerned family member for your child. The fact that you made it to our Family Corner tells us that you are searching out resources and connections to support your family in navigating the educational process.
 The Region 2 State Support Team is committed to strengthening family and educator partnerships by providing the following services:
  • information and assistance about state and federal education initiatives, laws and regulations
  • answers to special education questions, including identification and evaluation, individualized education programs (IEPs), discipline, placement, and related services
  • special education information, resources, materials, and assistive technology 
  • support for district efforts to engage parents in school improvement
  • support to regional agencies as they work with families of students with special needs
  • parent learning activities
Parent Resources and Useful Links

For more information concerning Family/Community Engagement, contact Josh Preece at

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