Itinerant Network - Putting Powerful Interactions into Practice!
Starting 11/30/2021 at 12:30 PM until 3:00 PM
Event Groups:
• State Support Team 2 - State Support Team 2 Events

Network Dates:  Sept 21 | Nov 30 | Feb 15 | Apr 26

Participants can choose to attend any or all network meeting dates.

Location:  Virtual

Facilitators:  Julie d'Aliberti, Stacey Vince

Registration:  OCCRRA - using ST10109094

Registration Assistance:  Stacey Vince - [email protected], 440.324.5777 x1157

This Community of Learners will support itinerant teachers by focusing on the partnership between itinerant and teacher/caregiver. The group will continue to extend their learning by applying the coaching practices in the book, "Coaching for Powerful Interactions" to their work in early learning classrooms and homes. Topics for further investigation during this series include focus on listening to learn, setting goals, strength- based articulation, using prompts & questions to think together, coaching conversations and other relevant topics related itinerant teachers. 


Identify the 3 key steps in Coaching with Powerful Interactions by reviewing Coaching Strategies at-a-Glance 

Identify the importance of and how to listen to learn. 

Identify the purpose of setting goal with a partner teacher identify how to set goals with a partner teacher 

Identify how to have a coaching conversation with their partner teacher. 
Facilitated virtual via Zoom
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