Exploring Least Restrictive Environment in Preschool
Starting 3/8/2024 at 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM
Event Groups:
• State Support Team 2 - State Support Team 2 Events
With Preschool IDEA Monitoring upon us, districts and providers across the state are reconsidering how they provide Preschool special education services. We will examine the different questions and considerations that accompany each area on the continuum. We will provide different scenarios and discuss ways to support children at all levels.

This session is Ohio Approved for three hours.
Register at www.occrra.org. Search for the training using code "ST10140372" (3/4/24) or "ST10140387" (3/8/24).
 Please note that this training is intended for Preschool Special Education personnel ONLY. Due to space constraints, registrants who do not primarily serve students receiving special education services will be contacted and asked to unenroll.

Contact:  Courtney Seman, [email protected]
EHOVE Career Center
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