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Supporting Erie, Huron and Lorain Counties

Early Childhood

Why are Early Childhood Services Important?

The first years of life are crucial to the health, brain development, and future of a child. Early experiences affect learning as well as social and emotional development crucial to well being and future success.  What children know and can do when they start school helps determine their success in the classroom, workplace, and throughout their lives.

The Region 2 State Support Team Early Childhood Consultants provide support in the areas of regular and special education, focusing on children from birth through age 8, regardless of their educational setting. Professional development and technical assistance are provided to teachers, administrators and parents in school districts, Head Starts, County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, Help Me Grow, community preschools and child care programs in Erie, Huron and Lorain counties. These services focus on Ohio’s Early Learning Program Guidelines and the Early Learning and Development Standards as well as compliance with state and federal law.
For more information contact Julie d'Aliberti at 440-324-3173 ext 1136 or [email protected] 

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