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Inclusion Trees

Dominic Bonavita, an Avon 5th grader, is making 'Inclusion Trees' and selling them for the holidays. All the proceeds from sales of his “Inclusion Trees” are donated to KultureCity, a nonprofit organization that works to help people with invisible disabilities by building sensory rooms, offering sensory inclusion training sessions and more. “He’s the one who decorates the outside of our house at Christmas time, and he just gets so much excitement at this time of the year,” said Dominic’s mom, Jackie Bonavita. “So I said, ‘Why don’t we harness that and put it toward something good?’”

She buys the supplies from local hardware stores, and Dominic does all the work building the trees. Inclusion Trees are not live trees, but inverted tomato cages decked out with colorful lights, bows and other ornamentation, including a KultureCity tag. “We basically take a tomato cage and we string lights all around,” he explained. “It goes around and around until eventually we reach the bottom. We sometimes have to put more than one string of lights, because if you only put one, it just fits weird.”

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