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The Key to Vocabulary Routine: Content Vocabulary Instruction

Event Date: 2/4/2022
Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Time: 11:30 AM
Location: Virtual via Zoom

Registration Details:

SERIES: FEB 4 | FEB 18 | FEB 25 | MAR 4 | MAR 8 (must attend all dates)

The Key Vocabulary Routine incorporates a combination of direct and indirect instructional practices that have been identified consistently in the research as most effective for growing student vocabulary in any subject area. Educators will learn how to teach vocabulary using existing content reading and instructional materials. When used across multiple grade levels, students benefit from a consistent approach to vocabulary instruction as they move from grade-to-grade and subject-to-subject.

Intended for: Grades 2-5 educators; 6-12 Content Classrooms

EVENT FEE:  $149 registration fee for online modules and resources.  This will be paid directly to the Lorain County ESC. 


The Key Vocabulary Routine addresses these topics, strategies, and skills:
-Activities for previewing vocabulary before reading
-Four activities for teaching words by relating them to background knowledge and related words (categorizing, semantic mapping, semantic feature analysis, scaling)
-Selecting specific words from content to teach in-depth
-Using vocabulary templates to learn everything about a word (Frayer, Concept Definition Map, two-column notes)
-Generating user-friendly definitions
-Teaching use of context to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words

PRESENTERS:  Nancy Osko, Vicky Timko, Stacey Vince

REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE:  Debbie Shannon – [email protected] or 440.324.5777 x1112

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