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Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)

Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)

The OIP is a framework built around data discussions.  These discussions occur with the support of a structured process.  The goal is to assist the district/schools in developing strong communication which includes explicit expectations.
Multiple stages exist to assist a district/building through this reciprocating process. 
Stage 0-Preparing for the OIP
Stage 1-Identify Critical Needs of District/Schools
Stage 2-Develop a Focused Plan
Stage 3-Implement and Monitor the Focused Plan
Stage 4-Evaluate the Improvement Process (return to Step 1)

This graphic outlines the stages of the Ohio Improvement Process

OIP Regional Meetings

For more information on the Ohio Improvement Process please contact:
Janet Kubasak at [email protected] or 440-324-5777, Ext. 1129
Jennifer Jackson-Ausperk at [email protected] or 440-324-5777, Ext. 1190
or Josh Preece at [email protected] or 440-324-5777, Ext. 1133.


Downloadable Materials

Introductory flyer that provides a general overview of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)
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