Significant Cognitive Disabilities

 In the past, it was adequate for students with significant cognitive disabilities to solely have access to the general curriculum. However, research has shown that students with significant disabilities can make progress if given appropriate supports and instructed in their best mode of learning. 

The Ohio Department of Education released the Ohio Learning Standards-Extended (OLS-E) in July 2012. The Ohio Learning Standards-Extended are also commonly known as the "extended standards."  
These standards help to ensure that students with significant cognitive disabilities are provided with multiple way to learn and demonstrate knowledge. At the same time, the extended standards are designed to maintain the rigor and high expectations of the Common Core and Ohio Academic Content Standards. The general curriculum is based on the academic content standards at the student's chronological grade level. The extensions to Ohio's New Learning Standards provide an entry point to the general curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

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Where to obtain hours for HQT

State Support Team Region 2 will not be offering HQT courses during the 17-18 school year as the Ohio Learning Standards-Extended are in the process of being revised.  Teachers who are in need of hours can access a couple of different options:
-The ESC of Central Ohio offers online coursework which can be located here: 
-The Ohio Department of Education has created modules that can be accessed free of charge.  Completing each module results in a certificate of attendance.  The modules can be accessed here: