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Horn/Walter Awards

2023 Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator & R.A. Horn Recipients!

Each year, SST 2 has the honor and privilege of awarding the R.A. Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award and the Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award.  SST 2 would like to thank the teachers and staff that took the time out of their busy schedules to submit a nomination!

This year's nominees were exceptional and the Selection Committee had the very difficult task of choosing our regional recipients.  

Announcing the 2023 Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award Recipients!

Andrew Hoke, Rebecca Reed, and Nilla of Keystone Elementary School, Keystone Local Schools

Andrew and Rebecca were chosen for their ability to collaborate, meet each student where they are and move them forward.  "There is no wrong (in our classroom).  When we pair kids up, we talk about everyone having strengths and weaknesses and there's nothing wrong with that.  You're just not there yet", said Andrew during an interview.  Rebecca added that they expose all students to everything in tier 1 instruction and they keep track of which students need more support.  They structure their interventions based on the need for support and all groups are fluid.

SST 2 is proud to be able to recognize them as the Franklin B. Walter Award recipients!

2023 R.A. Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award Recipient!

Each year, State Support Team Region 2 has the honor and privilege to present the RA Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award.

This year’s recipient is a 2023 Perkins High School graduating senior!  After many years of home instruction, this student has transitioned back to Perkins High School and has excelled academically and has developed interests in video editing, photography and stage lighting.  He has been attending BGSU for the past 2 years.  He has developed skill in preparing and presenting information to an audience, at times at a national level, which is often an anxiety producing situation for most adults.  We would like to celebrate the accomplishments of Michael Uher by awarding him the 2023 RA Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award.  

Beacon of Light Award

Celestino V. Oquendo-Richey was awarded the 2023 Beacon of Light Award during his senior awards assembly at Lorain High School on May 24, 2023. CVO has excelled academically, musically throughout his school career. Congratulations, CVO!
The R. A. Horn award is presented to one exemplary student with a disability from each of Ohio’s 16 State Support Team regions. Established by the Ohio Department of Education in honor of the late Dr. Raymond A. Horn, Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction, this award recognizes students’ outstanding achievements. Acknowledged as a national leader in the field of special education, Dr. Horn devoted more than 60 years of service to improving the quality of life and learning for students with disabilities. 

The Franklin B. Walter award is given to an outstanding educator or team from each of the 16 State Support Teams in Ohio. Awarded to recipients who have made extraordinary contributions to the education of students with disabilities, this award is given in honor of the late Franklin B Walter, Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1977 until 1991, a post held longer than any other state superintendent in Ohio’s history. With over 50 years of service as a teacher and administrator, Dr. Walter’s leadership is evident in many of Ohio’s quality educational initiatives and programs, including the development of the nation’s first statewide plan for children with disabilities.

Past RA Horn Recipients

2022 Lillie Sorok, Midview Local
2021 Preston Drain, Avon Local
2020 Morgen Hall, Midview Local
2019 Joseph Schultz, North Ridgeville
2018 Pablo Oquendo II, Lorain City
2017 Kyle Bayer, North Ridgeville
2016 Arjun Patel, North Ridgeville
2015 Mathew Hall, Perkins Local
2014 Seth Muck, Avon Lake
2013 Audrey Custilow, Amherst
2012 Juan Carlos, Amherst
2011 Robert McFadden, Avon Lake City
2010 Andrew Dodd, Perkins Local
2009 Elna Wright, Elyria City Schools

Past FB Walter Recipients

2022 Sheffield/Sheffield Lake City Brookside Intermediate Team
2021 Jason Steadman, Clearview High School
2020 Prospect Elementary Team, Elyria City Schools
2019 Bethany Shaw, Midview Middle School
2018 Avon Lake City Schools Westview Elementary Team
2017 Midview Local Schools Midview Middle School Team
2016 Sandra de Rivero & Elena Mulholland, Lorain City Schools
2015 Robin Hasselbach & Allison Leitz, North Point ESC
2014 Elyria City Schools Windsor Elementary Team
2013 Midview Local Schools, Midview Middle School 7th Grade Team
2012 Midview Local Schools, Midview East 6th Grade Team
2011 Katy Innes & Julie Netzel, Amherst Exempted
2010 Tara Greiner, North Ridgeville City
2009 North Ridgeville Early Childhood Learning Center Team
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